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Peace of Mind

I work for you, the client. If I find something wrong, you’ll be the first to know about it. Everything will be explained to you verbally in easy to understand terminology, as well as a full report being emailed to you the same day as the inspection. No need to sit around worrying!


Attention to Detail

With 30+ years of home remodeling experience backing me up, you benefit from a unique set of skills. I see issues that others may miss. Essentially, you know what’s important, needing immediate attention, and what is normal wear and tear.


Be Prepared for what to expect

When the home inspection is complete, you will have a good idea of any major expenses that will arise in the near future. Although I can’t look into a crystal ball, I can give you the approximate age and normal life expectancy of the furnace, the air conditioning, the hot water tank, and the roof. Realistically, they all will need replaced someday. The big question you’ll want answered is, how soon? I’ll do my best to prepare you for what to expect.

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-Full Home Inspection



-Septic dye test

-well flow test

-bacteria in water sample

-Lead in water sample

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